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Hebei Long Feng Copper Product Co., Ltd.


Hebei Long Feng Copper Product Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "long abundance"), established in 2013, registered capital of 20 million yuan, Hebei is a specialized in copper products processing enterprises. The customer's favor and approval has been since its inception. The company always adhere to the "innovation, quality, service, saving, dedicated, Thanksgiving" 12 word concept.

Absorb new ideas, strict quality control, a full range of service tracking, adhere to make high-quality products. The spirit of "pursuit, employees, technology, spirit," the purpose of 8 words. Now has a group of elite management personnel and a high-quality professional and technical team, comfortable and elegant office environment and has more than 130 acres of new modern standard factory. We take the quality as the life, the time is the prestige, the price is the competitive standard idea, bases on the Qingxian County East Development zone. The company mainly produces all kinds of copper, copper, copper, copper sales, copper, brass, copper. Product model is complete, reasonable price, good service, the products are sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia, and other countries, and by the customers. Professional manufacture all kinds of high voltage electrical copper, aluminum conductive connection parts and contact system. Company currently has a mature high power molecular diffusion welding, brazing, induction welding, MIG welding, argon arc welding, friction welding, vacuum brazing and welding equipment and technology, advanced software and is connected with a production line, all kinds of special welding equipment, supporting the processing center, water cutting, wire cutting, such as machining equipment, with supporting mold manufacturing center and electroplating factory. In the current industry competition is increasingly fierce, the premise of our company in maintaining the original customers at the same time, efforts to develop new customers, create new markets. Our service philosophy is "for customers to create value, the interests of its clients is basis and prerequisite for achieving our own interests, we will make great efforts to meet customer needs, through our services for customers share competition pressure, deepen cooperation with customers connotation, win new market opportunities to achieve the maximization of the value of both.