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Cangzhou Jie Sheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Cangzhou Jie Sheng Mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing of various types of chassis, cabinets and ancillary products. Located in Tianjin Cang handover location, location and convenient transportation.

Our company currently specializing in the production of: network, power, ring network cabinet, Lane cabinet, box, LED display and control console, my business has the independent design and development ability, can according to user needs to develop the production of a variety of structure of the chassis, cabinets, products widely used in electricity, sanitation, schools, banks, transportation, communication, fire protection and the Dachang mining enterprises, due to the excellent product quality, reasonable prices, by the unanimous approval and favorable comment of the majority of users.

Through the joint efforts of the staff, has developed into a world-class manufacturer of sheet metal processing. Plant covers an area of more than 150 acres, construction area of more than 40000 square meters, with more than 400 professional staff, technical staff of more than 150 people. The company has German TRUMPF CO2 laser cutting machine, German TRUMPF Model2020, Model1000 high-speed CNC punch press, Japan AMADSRC-100, RGM21003 CNC bending machine, Canada Ike Model510032, Model532032 CNC hydraulic bending machine, American HAEGER automatic press riveting machine, full automatic without mark spot welding machine, automatic glue machine, Germany OBO stud welding, such as automatic advanced production equipment.


The company has consistently adhered to the "honest to the world, the quality of the future" business philosophy. Jie Sheng Mechanical and electrical equipment and communication technology in the field of packaging in order to fully understand the needs of customers, to solve the overall design, manufacturing excellence, to provide satisfactory after-sales service, to win the majority of customers trust. Continue to gain progress, and customers to create a better future, is the common goal of the agile electrical and mechanical workers.

I keep the original customers at the same time, efforts to develop new customers, create new markets. Our service philosophy is "for customers to create value, the interests of its clients is basis and prerequisite for achieving our own interests, we will make great efforts to meet customer needs, through our services for customers share competition pressure, deepen cooperation with customers connotation, win new market opportunities to achieve the maximization of the value of both.