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How to judge the quality of the cabinet


Chassis quality directly affected by manufacturing technology is good or bad influence, processes at higher chassis plate edge will not float to the surface burr, sharp, burrs and other phenomena, and exposed corners by folding processing, is not easy to scratch installed the hand. The position of each card slot are commensurate with the precise, embarrassing situation does not arise from accessories installed on or misplaced.

1, steel plate, steel plate must be thick, your finger on, you can feel what what thick thin.

2, look at the painting, a qualified cabinet, all steel need to paint, and paint must mean, so can good rust and dust.

3, view the architecture layout, general baffle, and with heat radiation hole, some used to cable fixed metal wrapping to prevent damage to the cable. The side wall of the fan should be installed in the cabinet after the wall, because most of the heat generating equipment rear.

4 and watch accessories, because installation including network cable, telecommunication cable and power cable, the need to buy hook ring or toothed belts to effectively the cable is orderly fixed on the inside of the cabinet. If the cabinet with cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed on the vertical mounting rail, is good.

5, look at the glass, the glass must be thick point, but also pay attention to the surrounding glass have cracks, if cracks, it means that there are hidden dangers, and pay attention to whether the difficult.

6, function: first consideration is safety.

7, cooling and estimate your equipment calorific value is, in general, on top of the cabinet have two to four fan, fan is the more the merrier. There are some used to screw and nut fixing machine, have enough. Not because of the future expansion and bring trouble fittings..